Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Crimson Heist operator, map, and more revealed

Ubisoft have just unveiled their first major Rainbow Six Siege content drop of 2021. Fans of the nail-biting competitive shooter can expect a brand new operator, a reworked map, and plenty of other exciting additions as we enter Rainbow Six Siege Year 6.


It looks to be yet another game-changing year for popular online FPS with Ubisoft promising some serious changes to the core gameplay while steadily unspooling their 2021 Siege roadmap. You can read more about what they have planned throughout the year here – for now we’re doing a deep dive into Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 – Operation Crimson Heist.

Firstly, let’s talk about the release date: we’re expecting Crimson Heist to be available via the Siege test server soon. Unless there are some serious hitches, it should be on schedule to launch in March 2021.

New Operator: Flores

As always, headlining this latest season of Rainbow Six Siege content is a new playable Operator. In their mission to build the most diverse character roster possible, Ubisoft have plucked this more recent recruit from Argentina. Flores is a new attacker and one whose gadget is sure to go down well with fans, tipping the meta slightly back in favour of the attacking team. Flores fancies himself a Robin Hood type of character, the name of his specially-made Ratero drone. Upon deploying this gadget, it will constantly accelerate unlike a regular drone. Not only that, you can tap the gadget button again to make the Ratero anchor – popping a bulletproof shield and then exploding with a devastating impact. It’s enough to kill or seriously harm other Operators but is equally useful in blowing out walls or destroying a variety of defensive obstructions.

Flores is a 2 armour, 2 speed Operator and we have some details on his exact loadout. Primary weapons include the AR33 assault rifle or SR25 marksman rifle, taking the GSh-18 pistol as his sidearm. In terms of equipment, you have one of two options: stuns grenades or a claymore.

Map Rework: Border

According to Ubisoft’s roadmap, there will be no new maps for 2021. As expected, the developers continue to rework existing maps, making them more viable for the ranked pool. The last arena to get a makeover is Border, Year 6 Season 1 boasting quality of life changes while improving rotation and generally making Border more fun to play. A new exterior staircase has been added as well as a balcony on the upper levels, both of which help connect rooms, a few of which have been opened up slightly.

What else is coming in Y6S1?

Rainbow Six Crimson Heist will also sprinkle on a few extra features. For example, the long-awaited match replay tool will finally be entering beta after a prolonged period in testing. This will allow players to review their performance and easily pinpoint certain tactical plays, round by round.

Another major new addition to Rainbow Six Siege is the Gonne-6. Ubisoft acknowledge that the meta has recently shifted in favour of the defenders and is now trying to combat this by thinking outside the box. Instead of straight-up nerfing defender Operators, they are adding new mechanics, one of them being the Gonne-6, a one-shot sidearm that can remove any gadget from play, whether they’re bulletproof or not.

Always thinking of the game’s community, Ubisoft are also adding new aids for content creators. Streamers will soon be able to enable the option to hide their matchmaking sessions to avoid being “stream sniped” by malicious Siege players and cheaters.

Finally, it has been announced that year passes have been officially scrapped. Previously, a year pass would be the only way to guarantee access to new Operators we each season. Starting with Flores in Crimson Heist, you will now unlock Operators by purchasing the season battle pass. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to unlock them by spending Renown shortly after their addition to the growing Siege roster.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 summary

  • New Operator: Flores
  • Map rework: Border
  • Match replay PC beta
  • Gonne-6 secondary weapon
  • Streamer mode
  • Year pass/battle pass changes
  • Operator price decreases

Ubisoft have plenty more content and new features to come throughout 2021 while also preparing their Siege esports calendar for a hopefully more action-packed year.

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