Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC alpha kicks off later this month – see the new gameplay trailer

Frontier Developments has announced that the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Alpha will kick off on 29th March 2021. In the run up to this milestone, they’ve release a mission showcasing a mission playthrough from Odyssey, capturing gameplay from a raid mission.


The gameplay shows off some of the new on-foot gameplay, as a trio of Commanders attack a military outpost, trying to disable the power centre and render it useless. Through this, the Commanders each have a specific role that is enabled through a choice of space suits, weapons and equipment, whether it’s to help with a stealthy approach, laying down covering fire, hacking, or being able to quickly extract teammates that are getting overwhelmed.

This is a real showcase of the significant change to Elite Dangerous’ rendition of the Milky Way, enabling players to set foot on planets for the first time. It will also be bringing newly enhanced rock and ice planets. Rocky planets will now be covered in more realistic canyons, ridges and barren seas, while ice planets bring with them the risk of cryovulcanism. However, across the board, your interactions with planets will be transformed.

Planets will be able to have light atmospheres, tapping into data that Frontier already had for each planet and now presenting it to players. They will also be able to play host to buildings and settlements that are on a “human scale” compared to the scope and size of the planetary bodies that they’re built upon.

Announced last year, Elite: Dangerous: Odyssey was pitched as an “early 2021” release at The Game Awards, but the UK company’s plans have been affected once more by the ongoing pandemic. The PC release of Odyssey is now planned for late spring, while the PS4 and Xbox One counterpart will now only arrive in autumn. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe Alpha and Lifetime Expansion Pass holders will get access to this release.

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