Injection π23 – Ars Regia is coming soon, confirms Abramelin Games

Abramelin Games has confirmed that its horror title Injection π23 – Ars Regia will be releasing soon for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Injection π23 – Ars Regia is actually the second part to a trilogy of games, with the first part Injection π23 – No Name, No Number having released in 2019. In this game the player is searching for their dog and travelling to Hell seems to be the only way to get there. The first trailer is quite low key but the second one really unleashes the weird.


The description reads: “Enter this nightmare town and advance solving puzzles and facing challenging enemies to find your missing dog. Can you keep your sanity? Solve the mysteries of this story and save yourself from falling into this deep spiral of paranoia and madness.”

The features of Injection π23 – Ars Regia include:

  • Survival horror classic gameplay oriented to solve puzzles of high and progressive difficulty, a meticulous exploration of the environments, and the use of strategy and stealth. Combat is minimized and there are few resources such as ammunition and healing items.
  • 4 types of camera interchangeable at any time: First person, third person (auto and free), classic static cameras (modern control or ‘tank control’ available)
  • Set in a real town in Spain.
  • A dark story about secret societies, mind control, human trafficking and the human condition.
  • Large amount of unlockables: extra modes, transmedia content, difficulty levels, alternative endings, outfits

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