For Honor details Warden changes, more hero reworks coming

Ubisoft Montreal have shared some more details on their upcoming Warden rework as For Honor gears up for Year 5.


Warden is one of the fighting game’s most popular heroes – a knight who wields a two-handed sword and an easy hero to learn, often seen as For Honor’s mascot.

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According to For Honor’s fight team, Warden’s move set won’t undergo any drastic changes. Having experimented with numerous tweaks during the latest phase of the game’s Testing Grounds, here are the adjustments being rolled out for the Warden rework:

Based on your feedback, we felt Warden was almost ready for release. We took extra time to look over the feedback we received, as well as parsed through our data, and ultimately felt that Warden could release almost as-is from the version that was present in the Testing Grounds.

Aside from bug fixes, the one change that stuck out the most was damage on Warden’s Side Heavy Finishers being too high, especially compared to the damage dealt by the Top Heavy Finisher, and so we adjusted it downwards to be more in-line with other attacks.

In addition to this, we’re also changing Thick Blood, which is present on Warden and Nuxia – it is a frequent subject of feedback from players as it invalidates the kit of certain heroes almost completely. To address this, Thick Blood no longer makes the hero immune to Bleed and Fire Damage, but instead heals the hero when they activate Revenge. This ensures that the feat is no longer a hard counter to certain heroes while keeping some utility in group fights.

Ubisoft will offer a much more in-depth breakdown when For Honor Year 5 Season 1 kicks off tomorrow, March 11th.

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The developer will release patch notes for this latest update, promising more reworks in future. Shugoki will be entering the Testing Grounds soon as Ubisoft look to rework his Demon’s Embrace move, with other heroes also being eyed up.

For Honor Year 5 will continue to expand on Ubisoft’s flagship fighting game, with two new heroes in the pipeline. The first of these will arrive during Year 5 Season 2, with the other planned for release at the end of 2021.

Source: Ubisoft

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