Praey For The Gods development update confirms aim for April release

Back in October, Praey For The Gods developer No Matter Studios confirmed that it would be aiming to release the full game in early 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. At the moment the game is in early access on Steam, and has been since 2019. Last night, a new development update was released giving extra details on when to expect Praey For The Gods v1.0 to release.

In the development update, No Matter Studios has confirmed that Praey For The Gods has passed certification on all platforms and is essentially done. No Matter states it could have released the game this month but wanted a bit more time for extra polish for the proper release. Instead, the developer is aiming to release Praey For The Gods mid to end of April. In the update, Brian of No Matter Studios wrote:

“Actually, we could’ve shipped this March possibly earlier even with all the crap we dealt with but we figured it best to polish this a bit more instead of releasing a build hot off the presses. I’d update our estimate to put us in mid/end April window. I mean again it’s an estimate especially given how this year has been but it’s definitely close as we’re content complete, we are through certification for PS4/PS5/Xbox One and we’re in the process of getting the console keys for our Kickstarter backers setup. So it’s a matter of polishing out those game spots, getting our launch trailer prepped and the final global regions ready for launch.”

Praey For The Gods will run at 30fps on PS4 and at 60fps with improved graphics on the PS5, including full shadows, high res textures. The studio has confirmed that people who buy the PS4 version will get a free upgrade to PS5. The PS5 version will take advantage of the DualSense controller with players being able to feel the tension of the bowstring and the feeling of snow crunching underfoot. The studio has stated that it is taking its time to find different ways that the DualSense can be used for Praey For The Gods.

Source: Steam