Rome Total War returns as remaster launches next month

A huge update for strategy nerds. Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that Total War: Rome Remastered is coming, celebrating twenty years of the landmark RTS series.


You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it either. Total War: Rome Remastered (not Rome: Total War Remastered) is just a javelin’s throw away with a release date set for April 29th on PC via Steam.

The strategy classic is being remastered by Feral Interactive who have been responsible for a number of major mobile and MacOS ports over the past several years, having previously brought Rome: Total War to iOS and Android.

When it comes to RTS games, many look to Rome: Total War as the emperor. Originally released on PC back in 2004, Rome enjoys an indomitable Metacritic average of 92. Not only will Total War: Rome Remastered feature modernised mechanics and 4K visuals, there’s also new content on offer. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

• Improved Visuals: Total War: ROME REMASTERED ushers the classic strategy title into the modern gaming era with full 4K visuals, native support for ultra-high-definition resolution and overhauled environment, battlefield, and character models.

• New Gameplay Content: Wage war across new fronts with 16 previously unplayable factions to play on top of the original 22, and send the new Merchant agents on missions to establish lucrative trade networks across the map, buy out rival Merchants, and assert your empire’s economic power.

• Modernised Features: Players can exercise more control than ever with new features such as a tactical map during battles, plus heat maps and icon overlays in campaign mode. Existing mechanics have also been improved, including an overhauled diplomacy system, wider camera zoom levels throughout the game, and camera rotation on the campaign map.

• Improved Help Systems: A swathe of improved support has been added, including a redesigned tutorial, a new in-game Wiki, expansive advice and tooltips, and improved accessibility for colour blind players.

• Cross-platform Multiplayer: Players can enjoy cross-platform PVP multiplayer between Windows, macOS and Linux, a first for the Total War franchise.

• Complete Original Content: Total War: ROME REMASTERED includes the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansions in glorious new detail, and players will also gain access to the original ROME: Total War Collection (only playable on Windows).

In other Total War news, Creative Assembly recently unveiled Total War: Warhammer III, bringing an end to their popular trilogy based on the Games Workshop tabletop sensation.

The studio also released their newest expansion for Total War: Three Kingdoms. You can catch our review for Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided here.

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