Earth Defense Force: World Brothers launches in May for PC and consoles

D3Publisher has confirmed that Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be released on May 27th for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. The game is already available in Japan with this release date applicable to North America, Europe, and Asia. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is a bit of a spin off from the main series and it features a voxel art style.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be playable solo with an AI squad, but there is also online co-op available too for up to four players. D3Publisher has stated that there will be no cross platform play however. There is also local multiplayer available in the game with two players on PS4, and also LAN co-op on Switch with each player needing their own copy of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers.

Earth Defense Force 6 was also announced last year and it set to be released in 2021 as well. The last game in the main series, Earth Defense Force 5, was released across multiple formats and was a lot more colourful than the screens above. We rather liked it and gave it 8/10 in our review. 

“Earth Defense Force 5 is as video gamey as they come,” said Migeul. “No frills, just kills. If you want to unwind after a long day and just blast some baddies and see explosions until your eyes go red, you can get no better than this game. The absurdity of the story and the increasingly oppressive odds of the missions make this a hell of an experience solo, and one of the most silly and satisfying cooperative experiences I’ve come across.”

Source: Press Release

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