UPDATE: Outriders now “stable” after a period of server issues

UPDATE #2 : The game is now said to be stable, good luck everyone!


UPDATE: There still seems to be issues, People Can Fly are on the case.

Original story below…

Outriders, the hot new looter shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly, is having quite a shaky launch as we head into the weekend.

Despite a meaty day one patch and weeks’ worth of demo feedback, Outriders has already racked up quite a list of known issues now that the final version of the game has touched down.

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What is perhaps most infuriating for those attempting to play Outriders are the regular disconnects and log in issues, preventing players from accessing the game. Although People Can Fly have said time and again that Outriders isn’t a live service game, its need for an always online connection has angered day one buyers, especially those who simply want to ride solo through the campaign without engaging in any multiplayer.

It’s a frustrating situation though one the developer is looking to remedy while keeping their fans in the loop. They are currently investigating connectivity issues and will be looking to improve server stability going forward, according to an official Outriders Twitter post.

If you were hoping to play Outriders with friends via online cross-play then it seems you’re out of luck as one of the issues being flagged is a known issue preventing game sessions from synchronising between platforms. Considering this was one of the biggest features being touted, its a major disappointment though one People Can Fly can hopefully remedy. Outriders can be played in groups of up to three as you power through dungeons, gun down enemy hordes, and roll the dice for a change at getting better guns and armour.

We’ve encountered server issues first hand having failed to connect to Outriders numerous times since the game went live. Even when playing solo, we’ve been disconnected too, having lost story progress on several occasions.

Looking past these technical flaws, we’re enjoying our time with Outriders:

At the outset, Outriders has been a mixed bag. A dull opening chapter sees the loot shooter stumble at the first hurdle though it manages to recover thanks to engaging gunplay and a loot system that encourages you to do more than idly glance at a few numbers.

Outriders is out now on PS5, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia. You can also access the game via Xbox Game Pass.

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