FIFA 21 joins EA Play library and Xbox Game Pass in May

EA has announced that FIFA 21 will be joining the EA Play library in May, which means Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to the world’s most popular football game as part of their subscriptions. This follows NHL 21 joining the EA Play library this month. An exact date of when FIFA 21 joins the service is yet to be confirmed.


Recently, FIFA 21 was hit by a scandal involving its Ultimate Team mode. It was discovered that some accounts were being granted very rare cards through the content granting system, instead of earning them by taking part in the mode properly. It seemed that some people were paying cash to people with access to the content granting system for these cards. At the time, EA wrote:

“Our initial investigation shows questionable activity involving a very small number of accounts and items. Although it is not a large number, if these allegations prove out, this activity is unacceptable.  We want to thank our committed community members for bringing the issue to our attention so quickly.

Next, let’s be clear about what will happen now. When our investigation is completed, we will take action against any employee found to have been engaging in this activity.   Any items granted through this illicit activity will be removed from the FUT ecosystem and EA will permanently ban any player known to have acquired content through these means.”

In our review for FIFA 21, I wrote:

“On the pitch, FIFA 21 is an incremental improvement over FIFA 20, but doesn’t address some of the biggest issues with defending and the high-scoring matches this leads to. With Volta still missing a certain spark and Ultimate Team not really changing much, it’s the Football Manager-inspired Career mode that takes the biggest step forward. It’s still a good football game, but it feels like the real focus is on next-gen.”
Source: EA
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