Apex Legends new Arenas game mode and Valkyrie character announced

Respawn Entertainment are building up to the launch of Apex Legends – Legacy, the latest season of the popular battle royale shooter, with new character Valkyrie and the promise of a new game mode called Arenas. The full gameplay reveal of Arenas is coming next week on 26th April.

There’s plenty of speculation about what Arenas is, but the tagline ‘Go beyond battle royale’ suggests that it’s going to be a significant departure from Apex Legends‘ bread and butter game modes. Arenas will return Legends “to where it started – with a bit of underground brutality”.

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but the suggestion is that it could be some kind of team deathmatch mode. We won’t have too long to wait in order to find out.

The other major addition is Valkyrie, who was revealed in a new Stories from the Outlands trailer. Tapping into the backstory of the Titanfall franchise. The daughter of Titan Pilot Viper, she get wrapped up in a heathed moment with series antagonist Blisk who challenges her to be better.

Valkyrie will enter the Apex Legends battlefield with some flight abilities and a bunch of rockets, which are all sure to be rather popular with players. We don’t have specifics on her abilities, but again, it likely won’t be long before we find out, and I’m sure we can draw some conclusions from the new season’s launch trailer above.

The news of a new season and game mode comes after Respawn announced the development of Apex Legends Mobile, a brand new, internally developed version of the game designed specifically for smartphones and tablet. Going into a regional limited beta test this month in India and the Philippines, the game will be separate from the console and PC versions, and will not feature cross-play.

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