Sheltered 2 announced and it is coming to Steam later this year

Team17 and Unicube have confirmed that there is a sequel coming for the 2016 survival game Sheltered. Sheltered 2 is set to be released on Steam later this year. Sheltered 2 will have a 3D art style and introduce new factions to deal, while more dangers and challenges present themselves in this post apocalyptic wasteland. Players will have to build their factions up to survive in this world, and to set relationships with other factions that are out there.


Dean Foster & Sonny Meek, Unicube, said:

“We’re excited to work with Team17 again for Sheltered 2; their support with the first game, and with the upcoming sequel, has been fantastic and we can’t wait for players to experience the bleak and challenging world we’ve created in Sheltered 2.”

Danny Hartshorne, Producer, Team17, said:

“Working with Unicube on Sheltered 2 allowed us to build upon the solid foundation of the first game and we’ve worked together to create a dark and gritty sequel, which we hope players will enjoy when it launches later this year.”

The other features aside from Factions include resource management to make sure the faction survives, while dealing with the wants and needs of faction members. Permadeath will also be in Sheltered 2. If the faction leader dies then the faction falls apart and the game ends. There are a lot of ways for the leader to die including starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures, and combat. Combat will be turn based with winners getting much needed resources. Each faction member will be unique and require different approaches to keep them happy and in good condition.

In our review for the original Sheltered, I wrote:

Sheltered is one for people that enjoy a tough survival game, and micro management too. You need to be vigilant with resources and keep an eye on the inhabitants too. The game becomes one of trust issues too as you’re never sure which outsiders who seek shelter are good, and which are bad. Sheltered is a well crafted game that is quite tough at first to make progress in, but once you’re used to its systems there can be a rewarding experience. Just be prepared to lose people along the way.

You can read the full review here.

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