PlayStation will publish ex-Bungie developers’ new AAA multiplayer game

Sony has announced a new partnership with Firewalk Studios, a developer founded by a number of former Bungie employees who are working on a new AAA multiplayer game. That game will now be developed exclusively for PlayStation.

Firewalk Studios was founded in 2018 as part of the ProbablyMonsters family by a number of higher ups from the development of the Destiny series. They Studio Head Tony Hsu, who worked on Call of Duty and Destiny, Game Director Ryan Ellis, a Creative Director on Destiny, Executive Producer Elena Siegman, who was producer on Guitar Hero II, Bioshock Infinite, and multiple Destiny releases. There’s wider talent drawn from across the industry with experience on franchises like Mass Effect and Apex Legends.


The partnership announcement comes at an interesting time, as Sony are seemingly having to make moves that counter the perception that Microsoft is the only one making moves to acquire more talent and exclusive games. This is an example of Sony fostering a relatively new studio and helping to shepherd their first game through to release.

The news follows on from a similarly early announcement made back in March that Sony was working with Assassin’s  Creed co-creator Jade Raymond and her new company, Haven Entertainment Studios, on a new IP for PlayStation consoles.

There’s no news on what form Firewalk’s new game will take, though you’d have to put some money down on it being some kind of shooter, given the team’s expertise. It will be a new and original multiplayer game though, and is at the point where it is playable (and enjoyable) by the team at Firewalk. Of course, that also doesn’t give us any idea of how far the game is from release. This could be something that’s ready to reveal around E3 2021, or it could still be a few years away from release, depending on how ambitious a project it is.

Source: PS Blog

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