Knockout City will launch as part of EA Play library and Xbox Game Pass

The dogdgeball inspired title Knockout City will be available from launch as part of EA Play’s library and to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC members, Velan Studios has confirmed. Velan Studios also confirmed that the recent cross platform beta was downloaded over a million times. EA Play subscribers on all platforms will get an additional bonus the epic outfit called Ready Up! The full release of Knockout City will also maintain cross play and also allow for cross progression.


Knockout City will be launching with five starting playlists, six special balls, five multiplayer maps, and one interactive environment. The game will also feature various balls to attack players with. The standard ball do regular damage, the bomb ball will give some explosive damage, cage balls will trap players, and a moon ball to get rid of gravity. The modes include 3v3 Team KO, 3v3 Diamond Dash and 4v4 Ball-Up Brawl.

In our Knockout City preview, Stefan wrote:

“However, this hands on time also highlighted just how important network stability will be for this game. Where my first hands on session was as smooth as butter, the game’s rollback netcode and custom Viper game engine working wonderfully, here it wasn’t quite so slick. When it worked, it worked perfectly, but there were a few occasions where latency warnings popped up, and I had half a round where my character was moving erratically, almost as though my controls were inverted. It’s issues like this that this cross-play beta will hopefully help Velan iron our before the game’s full release.

Knockout City holds plenty of promise, taking dodgeball as an inspiration and morphing it into something that blends multiplayer shooter and fighting game together.”

Knockout City will be available from May 21st on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Switch.

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