Dark Envoy gets a brand new trailer that focuses on the lead siblings

Back in 2019, Event Horizon announced a brand new RPG called Dark Envoy. News has been quiet on the game’s front but now a brand new story trailer has been released for Dark Envoy. The new trailer focuses on the lead characters Malakai and Kaela who are siblings. The lead characters allow for players to either go through the game by themselves, or to partner up with someone else to explore the world of Jäan. You can watch the new trailer below.


Dark Envoy is an open-world RPG that will allow you to explore the world as you see fit. Event Horizon has listed the likes of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, FTL, and Divinity: Original Sin as games that have had an influence on the style of Dark Envoy, though with the aim to make something unique. In the game as you explore you’ll enter battles where tactical planning is required if you want to survive.

Players will have a Skyship as a base of operations and use it to travel across the ever-changing world. Locations will disappear then re-emerge offering tougher challenges than before with player actions having an impact on how the world shapes itself. There are multiple endings to get. There are 15 classes to be discovered through Dark Envoy though some will be difficult to unlock as they will be in dangerous parts of the world.

Dark Envoy does not have a released date yet but it is in development for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

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