Lost Soul Aside will be getting a PS5 release, new gameplay released

Nearly five years ago, solo developer Bing Yang revealed the Final Fantasy XV inspired RPG Lost Soul Aside. When it was revealed both Sony and Epic Games made approaches to sign the game, and later that year the game was confirmed as a PS4 timed exclusive. Then things went quiet for a while. That is until 2018 when a brand new trailer for Lost Soul Aside was released. Once again silence. That is until today when Bing Yang confirmed that Lost Soul Aside will be getting a PS5 release alongside PS4.


In a post on Facebook, the developer wrote:

We are happy to officially announce today that Lost Soul Aside is also coming to PlayStation 5. We hope you look forward to game and we appreciate your continued support.

We are still no closer to knowing when Lost Soul Aside will eventually release, but today’s 18 minutes of footage should go someway to placating people who are waiting for the game’s release. The trailer is a mix of exploration of different areas as well as fights that would not be out of place in the Devil May Cry series. Main character Kazer is present as he fights foes but the plot of the game is still vague. The summary we have says:

The war ended ten years ago, then the monsters appeared. Kazer accidentally got combined with an ancient race, Arena. Then they got on their own journey to seek for the mysterious crystals with their own purposes. 

Very vague. So just to reiterate, Lost Soul Aside will be a PS4 and PS5 timed exclusive. However, we do not know when Lost Soul Aside will actually release.

Source: Facebook

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