Project Cars 3 update 1.12 is out now, adds new track and ups level cap to 999

Slightly Mad Studios has released the final major update for Project Cars 3, adding a brand new track and upping the player cap level. The new track is Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands, while the player level cap has gone all the way up to 999. There have been some other fixes and changes too. For example, the Formula E liveries have been updated for the new 2021 season. You can check out all the changes in update 1.12 for Project Cars 3 below.

Project Cars 3 1.12 update patch notes


Added one new track: Circuit Zandvoort
Several performance & stability improvements
Fixed an issue that caused a significant delay when applying an unmodified default license plate during customisation
Fixed a crash that would occur when customising the rims on the Formula X, Formula B, and Formula Rookie cars
Upped player level cap to “999”


Fix for shadows being cast by ghost cars


Prevented setup tuning during MP Pre-race when custom setups are disabled
Fixed an issue that prevented lobby creation after the cancelation of a password entry
Rivals Events updated to offer additional variety to Breakout Events
Fixed issue where Pace Setter times were not uploaded if user failed to set a Personal Best during the three lap stint


Improved rolling starts logic
Fixed an exploit that allowed users to achieve faster times in Rivals Events


Improvements and stability fixes for Spectator Mode
Fixed the display of Personal Best Time per round in Career Milestone screen
Added “Time Extend” sticker to esports category
Fixed some debug text on error messages in-game
Fixed Daily Deal sometimes showing a “0%” discount


Updated Formula E liveries to the new 2021 Season


Silverstone cut-track fixed


Fixed an issue where the user would be unable to leave the Style Select menu

In our review for Project Cars 3, Thomas wrote:

Project CARS 3 suffers from a case of mistaken identity. Once you adjust to the new direction, you can get into a fun flow of ticking off objectives, drifting around hairpins and purchasing upgrades. However, while the series’ existing platform means you get a great variety of circuits, cars and weather conditions, it also shackles this game from being a great arcade racing experience.
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