Flashback 2 announced by Microids, out next year

Microids have announced a sequel to the Amiga classic Flashback and it will be coming to PC and consoles next year. That’s 2022, in case you’ve lost track.


A equel to Flashback already exists, Fade to Black was produced by Delphine Software International in 1995 but it appears that this is a new sequel to the game rather than a remake of Fade to Black. A third game, Flashback Legends, was also in production and heading for release in 2003 but Delphine went bust and the game was cancelled.

Flashback was directed, written and partially programmed by just one person, Paul Cuisset, and became and instant classic when it was released on the Amiga. The game is set in the year 2142, with the player taking the role of intelligence agent Conrad B. He discovers that shapeshifting aliens, known as Morphs, have infiltrated human society and they have mind wiping technology. With this in – aha – mind he records a message to himself explaining the situation and just moments later gets his memory erased and his body dumped in a creepy jungle.

Flashback has been released on many formats since it’s original launch in 1992 and can be played on Switch, PlayStation and even PS Vita.

In 2013 the game was remade for (then) modern consoles but unfortunately the remake was utter rubbish and we gave it just 3/10 in our review and had this to say.

In 1993 Flashback was a fantastic blend of well told, tense story with revolutionary visual flair. In 2013, it’s a bit of a confused mess. There was an opportunity – given some time, cash and care – to remake a classic game in a modern way. That opportunity has been almost entirely wasted and instead what we got is an insult to the memory of the original. For newcomers to Flashback this will likely be an unappealing, disjointed experience. For those of us who remember the original with fondness, it’s a slap in the face.

Ouch. Hopefully the brand new sequel will be rather better than than the remake.

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Correction: We lost track of what year it is.

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