Gravitational is a puzzle platformer that will be released for PSVR in July

Electric Monkeys and Perp Games have announced that the VR puzzle platformer will be releasing on PSVR with a release date of July 13th, with a physical release on July 16th. In Gravitational, players take on the role of Sebastian, a scientist employed at Gravicorp, who has to make his way to the main core of the building which has collapsed due to the an accident. Unfortunately for Sebastian, there is no straightforward path to the core, so he has to use tools to manipulate the environment around him by creating platforms to move from room to room.


The journey will also explore Sebastian’s own traumas and conflicts. Navigating across the world requires the use of both Sebastian’s wheelchair and the Zero Gravity movement.

Rob Edwards, Managing Director of Perp Games, said: “Gravitational has made a huge impact since its announcement and we are incredibly proud to be working with such a talented team as Electric Monkeys.   Gravitational is an incredibly fun game, that makes you think about the world around you.”

Hugo Campos, Co-Founder of Electric Monkeys Game Studio said: “We are very glad to work with Perp, who believe in Gravitational and work alongside our team to help create the best experience for the game.”

Electric Monkeys has also announced that Gravitational is part of the Unesco Games For Change Mission. The aim of the mission is to bring developers together and help impact positive social change through games including workshops, conferences, and connections with different groups. Other games that have been part of Games For Change include Dreams, Gris, and Sky: Children of Light.

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