Rainbow Six: Siege Season Two is called North Star, brings in the operator Thunderbird

Ubisoft has confirmed the name of the second season for Rainbow Six: Siege Year 6, and this new season will be called North Star. The main addition for North Star will be the new operator called Thunderbird. She is a defender who hails from the North American First Nation Nakoda. In addition to Thunderbird players will also be able to dive into a reworked Favela map. There are also two features getting tested on the test server, but these features will not roll out to the main game at the launch of North Star.


Thunderbird is not a defender that can take a lot of damage. Instead, she is an operator built for players who prefer having speed as their main asset rather than armour. Thunderbird will come equipped with a SPEAR .308 or SPAS-15 as primary weapon, and BEARING 9 or Q-929 as a secondary weapon. Thunderbird’s ability allows her to deploy a Kona Healing Station that will heal any player within its vicinity regardless of if they a friend or foe. The healing works even if a player is downed. This could mean Kona Healing Stations become conflict points as people head towards them to get healed. The Favela map will include better navigation, an improved overview map and room layout so players can plot paths better.

The two features that are being tested include a new armour system and post death activities. The new armour system will convert armour to additional health so players can judge the impact it is having in a clearer way. The post death activities will include Attackers being able to control drones, while some Defenders will be able to use their gadgets to help out their team. As this will have such a big impact Ubisoft has confirmed it will need a lot of player feedback before these changes are rolled out. The North Star test server will go live on May 25th.

Source: Press Release


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