Tell Me Why is free for Pride Month – Download and keep on Xbox and PC

Narrative adventure Tell Me Why is being made free to download and keep across Xbox and PC throughout the month of June, as Dontnod and Xbox celebrate Pride Month.

Tell Me Why tells the story of a trans man and his twin sister revisiting their past and the traumas they went through together. Giving the full game away is a nice away to celebrate Pride Month and show support for LGBTQIA+ communities, hopefully getting more people to engage with a mature story told from a perspective that is very rarely seen in video games.


However, Dontnod’s intention here is more than just getting the game into more people’s hands, with the companies essentially encouraging people to pay it forward. The money that you save on the game can go to places that directly affect trans and queer communities, and they have the following suggestions:

  • Support games and interactive fiction from trans and queer independent developers. Some of our team’s recent favorites have been That Which Faith Demands by Jenna Yow, Spirit Swap by Soft Not Weak, Ikenfell by Happy Ray Games, and If Found… by DREAMFEEL. (Don’t forget that adding a title to your wishlist, especially on a platform like Steam, goes a long way toward boosting its visibility for others!)

  • Donate to a charity serving trans communities, especially those with a focus on Black, Latinx/Latine and/or Indigenous trans people.

  • Donate to a mutual aid fund in your region.

  • Give directly to a trans or queer person in need.

Even without money, there are other ways you can support trans communities and creators: by being an outspoken advocate for trans rights, promoting works you enjoy from trans, non-binary and gender-diverse creators and recommending them to your friends, and learning as much as you can about the significant contributions of trans people of color to LGBTQIA+ world history.

So, with all that in mind, Tell Me Why is available across Xbox consoles, the Windows 10 Store and Steam. Here are the relevant links to add the game to your account:

As many big companies do at this time of year, Microsoft has slathered themselves with rainbows and announced many Pride-themed giveaways. You can get a 2021 Forza Rainbow livery in Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4, a Rainbow nameplate for Halo TMCC, and new prideful Gamerpics and profile themes. Microsoft are also donating $150,000 to LGBTQIA+ non-profit organisations, added ways to donate Microsoft Rewards points, and more.

We had some rather positive things to say about the game when it released last autumn. In our Tell Me Why review, Alan said:

“Reining in on the supernatural, Tell Me Why is a more nuanced, intimate and mature story that explores family trauma that challenges our memories and relationships, while making another bold step in representation for video games.”

Source: Dontnod

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