Blood Bowl 3 closed beta registration is now open, details here

Blood Bowl 3 was expected to launch in early 2021, that obviously has not happened but PC players can still get their paws on the game before anyone else as a closed beta has been announced and registrations are now open.  The closed beta will be happening between the 3rd and the 13th of June 2021 and you can click here to register .

Blood Bowl 3 will now be released in early access on PC in September 2021. The final version will be available on PC and consoles in February 2022.


There is also a new trailer showing a new team, the Imperial Nobility, who are “full of pride and prejudice, the nobles are known for their counterattacking skills.”

The full game will ship with 12 playable races that come with their own cheerleaders and arenas. The game will feature both a campaign mode and multiplayer modes, though those are to be detailed. The playable races will include elves, humans, and orcs, and two of the new teams are Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility. Like the previous games this will be a turn based strategy title. You can watch the reveal trailer below.

As you give out instructions the team will attempt to get into the touchdown zone, and stop the opponents from doing the same. Injuries wil be a common feature and some players may be lost forever due to being fatally attacked on the field. Blood Bowl 3 will adopt the new edition rules to match the new board game edition coming out this year.

Blood Bowl 2 released back in 2015, and in our review for that Dave wrote:

It’s difficult to overlook a lot of the flaws with Blood Bowl 2, but at the same time if you have a group of likeminded people willing to create a league, then this is a great if somewhat limited option. It’s everything you’d expect in a Blood Bowl game, with a great tutorial for newcomers and a coat of paint, looking as good as the Citadel Minatures you’d see in the window of a Games Workshop. While the core game has been sadly out of print at the store for some time, this is the most accessible way of getting your Blood Bowl fix.

You can read the full Blood Bowl 2 review here.

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