Overboard! is a reverse murder mystery from the makers of 80 Days, and it’s out now

Overboard!, a new game from the makers of 80 Days, has been announced and released this week for Nintendo Switch, PC and iPhone/iPad. The game takes the studio’s penchant for narrative tales, and blends it with a murder mystery in which you’re trying to get away with a murder, not solve it.


It’s a delectable narrative pitch, as Inkle describe it: “In this murder mystery, you’re the one whodunnit. Now you have eight hours to cover your tracks and get away with murder. The only question is, who’s going to take the fall?”

The year is 1935, and on a trip across to America, actress Veronica Villensey has decided to give her husband the old heave ho… right over the side of the ship. Of course, now she needs to get away with it, and there’s five other passengers that you can try to pin the blame on – in order to get the life insurance money, explaining it as a suicide won’t do it.

The game is designed for multiple playthroughs with variety and consequences to your actions as you explore the narrative puzzle. Much like Inkle’s breakout hit 80 Days, you’ll be able to chart your own path through the web of conversations.

The surprise release this week comes just half a year after the game was first conceived. Starting off in January 2021, it was “a fast, fun project to cheer up Inkle’s UK-based team as they entered yet another COVID-19 lockdown.”

Who doesn’t love a bit of murder to cheer them up?

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