Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey announced for PlayStation and PSVR

Puzzle Bobble, the spin off from the arcade classic Bubble Bobble, is returning and this time it’s VR. Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey will be landing on PlayStation VR, PS4 and PS5 later this year , created by Survios, developers of PS VR games like Creed: Rise to Glory and The Walking Dead Onslaught. The game is already available on Oculus Quest.

It looks exactly like what you might expect Puzzle Bobble to look like in 3D, in that you can now spin the bubbles around across all three axis to line up the perfect show. The game will have 100 story missions plus a high score chasing Infinite mode, and online 1v1 battles in Duel Mode that will match players across PS4, PS5 and PSVR.

“Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is designed to be an intuitive, pick-up-and-play puzzle-solving experience for players of all ages,” said Amy Pantea,
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Survios. “We hope long-time fans will be excited to test their skills in this multi-dimensional take on the classic bubble-popper, while introducing new players to a timeless franchise which has kept gamers engaged in solving and mastering puzzles for more than three decades.”

The game will be part of the celebrations for Bub’s 35th anniversary which is being celebrated by Taito. I have a problem with this, what about Bob? Bub and Bob first appeared together in the same game in 1986 but only Bub gets birthday celebrations? This is not on! #PartyForBob

Unfortunately the last Bubble Bobble game, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back, was rather lacklustre and scored 6/10 in our review. Here’s what our handsome viewer had to say:

As a single player game Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is utterly pedestrian, lacking the frantic pace of the original. Most of the repurposed features such as power ups and jumping on bubbles detract rather than enhance the experience, but add in some friends and it’s still fun, especially if you want to be devious and sabotage the other players.

Source: PS Blog

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