Aeon Drive gets a new trailer showing co-op multiplayer

A new trailer for the fast paced platformer Aeon Drive was released during Guerrilla Collective today, and it shows previously unseen footage of the four player co-op as players speed through Neo Barcelona. Players will have to sprint, dash, bend time, and teleport to get through each level in a timely fashion while collecting drive cores from the main character’s crashed ship. If they fail then the city gets destroyed. You can check out the new gameplay below.


The features for Aeon Drive include:

  • Run through time itself! Aeon Drive features a unique time-warping system that saves players the frustration of repetition and keeps the challenge fresh.
  • Teleport through lasers, spikes or saws, crouch-dash at the last moment to evade that incoming shot and run through 100 levels across several areas of Neo Barcelona!
  • Use Jackelyne’s Power Sword, Teleportation Dagger and time-bending abilities in this action platformer with a speedrunning twist
  • Modern & retro looks come together in the game’s pixel-art style!
  • Enjoy a dashing (get it?) vacation in a cyberpunk version of the tourist darling, Neo Barcelona!
  • Advanced scoring system that enables long term replayability!
  • Use Discord Integration and Global Leaderboards to compete against friends, as well as other players from all around the world!
  • Streaming mode – show everyone who the real speedster of Neo Barcelona is!
  • Real-time difficulty adjustment – collect time-warping devices and use them strategically!

A demo for Aeon Drive is available on Steam now. Aeon Drive is set to be released later this year for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Guerrilla Collective/IGN

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