For Honor adding new hero in Year 5 Season 2

for honor year 5 season 2 new hero

Ubisoft have revealed their next major For Honor content drop, adding a new hero and more as part of Year 5 Season 2.

This latest season, dubbed “Mirage” will introduce a mysterious new swordsman to the game’s roster of fighters, bringing the total number of playable heroes to a nice round 30.


The Year 5 Season 2 reveal trailer above doesn’t give too much away. We’re yet to see this For Honor newcomers in action though a gameplay reel shouldn’t be too far away. Here’s a brief story synopsis on Y5S2:

Mirage transforms Heathmoor’s landscape and plays tricks on the minds of all warriors. After centuries of spoiling and exhausting the lands with constant battles for power and control, Mother Nature has decided to unleash her burning wrath. An intense drought has befallen the battlefield. The once rich and bountiful Heathmoor has become dry and desolate. The scorching heat toys with the minds of the most ferocious warriors, bringing forth new demons and nightmares. Who will be their salvation?

When will For Honor Year 5 Season 2 launch? Ubisoft have confirmed that the new chapter will roll out on June 10th. However, the new hero won’t be arriving until July 22nd, something For Honor fans weren’t too happy to hear.

Still, there’s plenty for them to look forward to in the meantime with a new battle pass and live events on the way. The Visions of the Kyoshin event will be spicing up your standard Dominion game mode on June 10th by spawning mythic guardians to protect control points A and B. This will be followed by the Covenant Games at the end of the month and later in July with the Shadows of the Hitokiri Throwback event. You can review the full June roadmap below.

for honor year 5 season 2 roadmap

More than four years after its original release, Ubisoft continue to support For Honor in the same way they’ve supported Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Last year the game received an upgrade patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, boosting performance to 60 FPS. 2021 also brought us two new heroes including For Honor antagonist, Apollyon, and the wandering mercenary, Gryphon.

Details are thin though it’s likely Ubisoft are pursuing another lore-heavy hero in Year 5 Season 2. They will be the first new addition to the popular fighting game in 2021 and will be accompanied by another hero later this year in Year 5 Season 4.

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