The Good Life has been delayed (again) until Fall 2021

Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro’s long awaited The Good Life has been delayed. Again. Most recently pencilled in for a summer 2021 release, it’s now been pushed back to autumn 2021. The game will also now be published by Playism, instead of The Irregular Corporation.



The split between While Owls and Irregular Corp. was “mutual”, they state. “The Irregular Corporation has been a great partner, and we appreciate all their support and input in bringing more Britishness to Rainy Woods.”

Playism’s Shunji Mizutani said, “I remember when The Good Life was first announced, at a conference at PAX West way back in September 2017. I was at that conference myself, and ever since that moment I’ve been looking forward to the day the game would finally be released. I am extremely honored to once again receive the opportunity to work together on another “Swery game”. We are going to put every effort into ensuring that players around the globe are able to play the best version of this game possible. We hope you’ll bear with us till it’s ready for release.”

While there’s no one reason given for this latest delay – “we are putting our final, but required, last touches to the game,” they write – White Owls has followed up Kickstarter backer feedback to add more vegetarian and vegan options of the food options in game. However, they note “It’s Rainy Woods, a rural town out in the middle of nowhere! In that regard, we feel like we’ve been able to give our menus a proper dose of realism. And maybe we’ve even managed to create the first video game with a town that offers proper vegetarian menus…? We look forward to all your feedback!”

Announced in Septembeer 2017 and originally expected in Spring 2020, The Good Life has been delayed several times. The extended development time has allowed SWERY and the team at White Owls to grow the scope of the game and how they cater to different audiences. last delay (to summer 2021) let them have English and American voice actors for their respective characters, better English localisation and support for moore languages.

In The Good Life you’ll play as Naomi, a journalist from New York who’s decided to move to the British town of Rainy Woods in order to pay of her debt. The only way to do that is to take pictures of the many strange and unusual happenings in the town, solving a murder mysteries along the way. You can also take on various odd jobs, such as milk delivery, sheep shearing and more. The game’s story and what happens to its inhabitants will change based on your actions and interactions. The weirdest thing about the town? The moonlight turns all the townspeople (including Naomi) into either cats or dogs once a month.

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