Planet of Lana is a gorgeous puzzle adventure coming to Xbox & PC in 2022

Thunderful and Wishfully Studios have announced Planet of Lana, a hand-painted cinematic puzzle adventure coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC in late 2022.


The game is described as an off-Earth odyssey, as the titular Lana and her animal companion Mui journey and adventure to try and save her sister. The side-scrolling gameplay will see Lana and Mui bump into strange creatures and dangerous machines, overcoming the obstacles before them through platforming, puzzles and stealth sequences. What will really make this stand out from the crowd is the simple, but gorgeous art style, which blends hand-drawn art, parallax layering and some subtle 3D graphics to try and look like an interactive painting. It’ll be pin sharp on high-end PCs and Xbox Series X where it will run at a native 4K.

The game was announced during the Summer Game Fest stream. For all the news from that stream and your E3 2021 needs in general, head to our hub filled with all the announcements, trailers, and more.
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