Shredders is a tasty new snowboarding game stylishly sliding it’s way onto Xbox

There was a moment during Microsoft’s E3 showcase where I thought we were getting a new Amped game. Perhaps in a world where Steep and Riders Republic exists that’s a pointless hope, but instead we’re getting a dedicated indie boarding game in the shape of Shredders, coming to Xbox at some point in the near future.


Tagged as drawing on the spirit of Amped, snowboarding movies and the snowboarding heroes of social media – I guess that’s a way of saying influencers – Shredders is coming from the team at Foam Punch to slip and slide its way into your heart.

Shredders looks like it’s going for a more authentic vision of the snow-bound sport, with the trailer showing very little in the way of crazy hyper-sports pink neon, giant-headed costumes or an annoying commentator. Instead there were boarders, ramps, jumps, tricks and mountainsides filled with trees and snow-covered buildings. It looks pretty damn pure, and there’s going to be a photo mode too. Sweet!

We’ve had a few recent bashes at snowboarding recently, with Steep the most recent offering from Ubisoft to put us on a piece of plastic and thrust us down a mountain. For my money though, things have been pretty lacklustre on the snowboarding front since Coolboarders, Amped and SSX all fell into a virtual crevasse of forgotten dreams. While this looks a bit more like the Skate equivalent to Tony Hawks compared to those wilder rides, I still can’t wait to check out some more of the action.

Shredders is set, as with pretty much everything in Microsoft’s E3 showcase, to arrive on Game Pass on day one across everything, and is going to be right there for Xbox Series S|X owners and Windows 10 the world over this December. Stay tuned for more on this snowboarding sim as we catch it!

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