Space station sim Ixion revealed with a devastating intro cinematic

Ixion has been announced, a new space station management sim where you’re trying to forge a future for mankind as Earth is beset by pollution, global warming and ever more scarce resources. The vision for the future is bold, reaching out into the stars… but not everything goes to plan.

Oh right, it’s because you just blew up the Moon by mistake. Oopsie!

From here you have to manage the colony on the Tiqqun space station, while trying to survive and explore the galaxy, drawn through it all by a narrative campaign. You’ll have to manage your population, rather than a crew, that has found themselves dropped into the brown stuff and often just been worken up from cryo. You’ll need to finish off the space station, find space for them live and work, and more.

The game will have a bit of a sci-fi Frostpunk vibe, as you captain the station and make tough decision after tough decision. As the story goes, you weren’t even meant to be the captain, you were just the poor fool in charge when the switch was flipped, ruining the Moon!

It’s a game that looks really intriguing and we can’t wait to see more.

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