See the new trailer for dinosaur survival game Instinction

A new trailer for Instinction has been released, a game that wants to be a semi open-world spiritual successor to the classic Dino Crisis series. Instinction will be coming to PC first in 2022, with a subsequent release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Compared to the Instinction announcement trailer, there’s a lot more of a survival horror vibe to this trailer, showing the player character skulking around in the darkness while being hunted by dinos.

In Instinction players will be able to play in either first or third person mode, with co-op of up to three other players. According to the brief plot summary, each player is a member of a salvage crew who must venture around different environments, from open grassy plains to the ocean. Instinction will take advantage of available tech with ray tracing effects in place, and support for up to 8K resolution and 120fps.

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