Strange Brigade is out now for Nintendo Switch

Rebellion’s mythological co-op shooter Strange Brigade has hopped on a blimp over to the Nintendo Switch, launching today in a surprise announcement and release one-two punch.


Strange Brigade is a third-person romp for 1-4 players, set in Egypt in the 1930s. After a nameless tomb is opened, Seteki the witch Queen has risen to threaten the world, and only the Strange Brigade can stand in her way by shooting undead monsters and solving puzzles along the way.

This latest Nintendo Switch port from Rebellion follows in the footsteps of Sniper Elite 3, Zombie Army Trilogy and Sniper Elite 4. As such, it has some rather familiar tech specs. The game runs at 30fps with a dynamic 1080p resolution when played on TV and up to 720p when played handheld. It’s been upgraded with optional motion controls, HD Rumble through the Joy-Con and Pro Controller support for those that like hand grips. New for this game (I think) are achievements that are tracked in-game.

Strange Brigade Nintendo Switch

As a co-op game, it also needs some healthy multiplayer options, and what do you know? It has them! There’s support for 2-4 player co-op both using local wireless and online. You can send invites to friends whether they’re online or offline, as well.

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On its original 2018 release, Strange Brigade was supported with a three-part campaign expansion, The Thrice Damned, with additional characters, weapons and a trio of new levels. This is a paid extra for this port, though you can grab the Season Pass with the base game through the Deluxe Edition. The base game is quite reasonably priced at £24.99 (with a 10% launch discount as well)

We were rather fond of this game when it first came out. In our Strange Brigade review, Tuffcub said:

Strange Brigade is a jolly good wheeze. The 1930’s matinee cinema styling makes it unlike any other game on market and that’s a rare treat. The campaign, although dragging in a few spots, is just the right length and has replayability thanks to the many hidden treats to discover, while the score attack mode and horde modes are pleasant, if rather flimsy, distractions. Tuning the accuracy of the weapons would make me very chuffed, but as it stands this is a sterling effort from Rebellion. I look forward to the further thrilling adventures of (dramatic pause) The Strange Brigade! Tally ho!

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