F1 2021 trailer dives into all the game’s new and returning features

Codemasters has released a new trailer for F1 2021, diving into all the features that you can expect when the game releases on 16th July for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


The big new feature is a new narrative-driven mode, Braking Point, aiming to capture the rivalries and intense competition that occur up and down the real world F1 grid – even if Netflix makes them seem much bigger than they really are! It will see players start off in the F2 championship before beginning in F1 with the 2021 season with one of five teams. Mixing the on-track racing with off-track dramatic cutscenes, you’ll race for three seasons to make a name for yourself, battling with returning F1 2019 antagonist Devon Butler.

It’s just one of several options you have for running through a career, with the game now featuring real-world F1 driver stats that will be kept up to date alongside the on-going F1 season. The Real-Season Start will let you jump into the season at any point. With the game coming out just a few days before the British Grand Prix, you can preview that exact race.

Maybe play it with a mate? The two-player Career feature returns, letting you race with a partner in a single team, or face off with rival teams. There’s also two-player split-screen if you’re in a household of racing game fans.

For the current generation PlayStation 5, F1 2021 will have improved visuals, improved car body and tyre damage and have faster SSD-powered loading times. There’s no word on DualSense finery just yet, though.

Looking back at our F1 2020 review, Tom said:

If it wasn’t for the addition of My Team, F1 2020 would go down as being great for newcomers, but past the best before date for those who have enjoyed recent iterations. Some elements are now very tired, but being able to oversee the running of your own team proves to be incredibly satisfying and just enough of a distraction – for now. F1 2020 highlights just how much of a team sport Formula 1 is, and that can only be a good thing.

Will Braking Point spice things up enough to be essential? Or will that rely more on the next-gen advancements? We’ll see one month from now.

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