Graveyard Keeper Game of Crone DLC finally hits PS4, Xbox, and Switch

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After many months of waiting, Graveyard Keeper players on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch can finally get their hands on the game’s third DLC expansion.

Game of Crone originally launched back in October 2020, packing in loads of new Graveyard Keeper content and gameplay features. This DLC follows on from Breaking Dead and Stranger Sins, giving you more ways to manage your graveyard while expanding the game’s lore and list of potential daily activities.

Here’s what’s included in Graveyard Keeper: Game of Crone:

In this new expanded adventure, you’ll have to help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wilderness by providing them with everything they need. To develop their camp to a fortified settlement while keeping in mind its benefits. To protect those who entrusted you with their lives, from the sword and fire. And also – to untangle the circumstances of the cruel game, which turned into the Great Blast and the return of the Ancient Curse.

  • 6-12 hours of new gameplay!
  • Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity.
  • Brand new bag mechanics!
  • Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, & teleportation scrolls.
  • Hunt down a vampire terrorizing The Town.
  • Unravel the secret behind the mysterious death of your predecessor.
  • Learn the dark secrets of your friends, both new and old.
  • Become the ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution!

If you’ve yet to play Graveyard Keeper, think of it as Stardew Valley but for goths. It has a similar setup, swapping a farm for a graveyard and crops for corpses. You’ll tend to the dead and give them proper burials while also renovating the grounds of the church. interacting with various NPCs from the nearby village. Of course, there’s plenty of morbid humour throughout.

Publisher tinyBuild have been very busy recently, having launched a string of time-limited demos during the Steam Next Fest, including one for the super creepy Hello Puppet: Midnight Show.

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