The Last of Us 2 fan kills major character using new glitch

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A year after The Last of Us 2 launched on PS4, one fan has discovered a glitch that kills off one of the game’s major characters. Naturally, there are story spoilers ahead so tread carefully!

One of the most tense scenes from the sequel has Abby and Manny chasing down an unknown sniper at the waterfront. It isn’t long before you discover it’s Tommy (Joel’s brother) who is seeking revenge by hunting  WLF members. In this section of The Last of Us 2 you’ll carefully pursue him as he flees, occasionally turning to take a shot at the player.

This is where it gets interesting. One player has managed to rewrite the game’s bloody saga by successfully catching up with Tommy, then killing him.



To clarify, this isn’t supposed to happen – developer Naughty Dog didn’t script this in The Last of Us Part II as a possibility. However, with perfect timing and enough practice, you can close the gap with Tommy before he escapes. Diving under a shutter before he can close it, Abby will then be able to kill Tommy using this surprise glitch method.

Exactly what happens after is a mystery. With Tommy dead, this would have a serious impact on the game’s story from that moment onwards. We assume players will either fail to trigger the next checkpoint or that Tommy will simply reappear.

What’s next for The Last of Us?

Naughty Dog recently celebrated TLOU2’s first anniversary. However, despite there being some cool new merch for fans to snap up, the studio made no announcements in regards to DLC, the Factions 2.0 multiplayer mode, or a PS5 re-release.

The game recently received a new patch. The Last of Us 2 update 1.09 fixed a bug some players had encountered when trying to play the game at 60fps on PS5.

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