The Persona 25th Anniversary website has launched, seems to be teasing Persona 6

A website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series has gone live in Japan and has announced seven “Persona 25th Anniversary Projects”, the first of which will be revealed in September.

Each of the main games in the Persona series has had a colour associated it with red being the colour for the last game, Persona 5. The speculation is that Persona 6 maybe be revealed as the the logo used on the website and Instagram has the number 25 striped with the five colours of the games, plus an extra white stripe which may indicate that is the colour for Persona 6. Atlus did something very similar to tease Persona 5.


The website also includes a scrolling image with logos of the schools and a big white square in the middle, which could be space for the sixth logo.

Persona 6

A hint at Persona 6?

Persona Team producer and director Kazuhisa Wada had previously teased “many exciting plans” for the 25th anniversary. While the site does state there are seven projects for the anniversary most these will not be games, expect merchandise or perhaps an event.

Persona began life as a spin-off from Atlus’ Megami Tensei franchise with the first game, Revelations: Persona, released in 1996 on the very first PlayStation console. Technically, Persona 6 will be seventh game in the main series as the second title, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, was followed by Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

There have been multiple spin-offs from the spin-off including beat ’em up, Persona 4 Arena, a rhythm action game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and a Dynasty Warriors style RPG, Persona 5 Strikers. There are also multiple versions of each game in the main series, Persona 5 was re-released with additional content as Persona 5 Royal

We gave the latest game, Persona 5 Strikers, a rather good 8/10 in our review back in February this year.

“Persona 5 Strikers is an excellent welcome back party for the franchise,” said Nic. “It takes a formula that is proven to work and takes it to a new place by adding a whole new combat system that allows you to play as the whole team, rather than the main character we’re all used to.”

Expect a flurry of Persona announcements very soon!

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