Skin Deep gameplay trailer reveals an immersive sim in all the weirdest ways

Skin Deep from Blendo Games promises to be an immersive first person shooter, but where that might conjure up mental images of Deus Ex, Dishonored and Deathloop, this is an immersive sim in all the ways that those games aren’t.


Dropping you, an “insurance commando” onto huge starship where pirates have come to steal some very well insured cats, you have to eradicate the outlaws by any means necessary.

Run out of bullets? You can throw your gun at an emergency airlock button to space the pirate standing aimlessly in the hangar. Are you too smelly after jumping out of a vacuum rubbish chute to get to an airlock from the outside, and are now getting noticed by pirates because of all the smelly clouds you leave behind? Wash that stench off you using a convenient squat toilet! Manage to dodge a homing missile? Grab it and throw it back at the pirates.

Also, try not to sneeze, and remember that you’re not wearing shoes.

Skin Deep Screenshot

Skin Deep is expected to release for PC, as with all of Blendo Games’ previous titles, with no release window announced for the game just yet. You can currently wishlist Skin Deep on Steam to express your support.

Blendo Games’ last title was the VR-only Flotilla 2, which I sadly haven’t played. The game before that, though, was 2016’s Quadrilateral Cowboy, a cyberpunk heisting game with a fantastic command line interface for manipulating the world around you. In our Quadrilateral Cowboy review, I said:

“Quadrilateral Cowboy’s a game that gets hacking right – if you permit me calling it that – with the command line interface brilliantly letting you manipulate the world and use the other tools of the cyberpunk heisting trade. It’s effortlessly cool, from a slightly nerdy retro perspective, but hidden beneath that, there’s a simple and very ordinary feeling tale of a trio of kickass women living outside the law and pulling off ever more outlandish heists.”

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