Sony on target to ship 22.6 million PlayStation 5s by April 2022

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Sony’s latest quarterly report and financial call has seen the company, once again, able to report plenty of success with the PlayStation 5 launch. Perhaps the best news for eager gamers is that Sony says they have enough chips to make all the PlayStation 5 consoles that they have the end of March 2022 and this fiscal year.

How many PS5s is that? Well, hitting their forecast would mean shipping 14.8 million PS5s for the 2021/22 fiscal year, which should mean that Sony is able to have sold 22.6 million PS5s in total by that same time. This would still be fractionally ahead of the PS4’s sales records, which managed 22.4 million at the same point in its life.


Oh, and Sony is no longer selling the PlayStation 5 at a loss. The company had targeted June as the point at which the hardware could break even, and met that goal.

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Just because Sony are able to meet their internal targets doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to find a PS5 on store shelves with any consistency. Even putting the global semiconductor shortages and supply constraints to one side, it’s clear that consumer demand is far outstripping supply. Expect it to continue to be exceptionally difficult to actually buy a PS5 for the foreseeable future.

The PS5 currently sits at 10.1 million units sold worldwide – this financial report comes just weeks after the console passed the 10 million sales mark – but it’s not the only bright point in Sony’s financials. PlayStation Plus subscribers are also up with 46.3 million users currently subscribed, and while the number of monthly active users has dropped by roughly ten million users, that’s unsurprising after the huge boom that occurred over the past 18 months through pandemic lockdown measures.

Across both PS4 and PS5, there were 63.3 million games sold through the business, with 10.5 million of those games coming from first party games. Not only that, but 71% of those games were sold as digital downloads, meaning that even more of the cash is passing through Sony’s hands.

Source: Sony, Benji-Sales, David Gibson

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