Dead Space remake will remain faithful to the original game but will be modernised

Dead Space Remake

EA have posted a blog in which three members of the team leading the remake of Dead Space speak about the game. Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme, Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Art Director Mike Yazijian discussed how they are tackling such a beloved franchise.

“It’s being fully rebuilt in Frostbite,” said Roman , “with all new assets, new character models, new environments — even though we’re basing those on the original designs. There are new parts, new props, new collision models, and so on. We’re rebuilding everything from scratch, but we’re keeping the same story and the same structure.”

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space

“We are playing with volumetric effects,” adds Philippe, “so instead of just having sprites, you’re really able to feel the depth of a room, the thickness of the air. We’re playing with shadows, with dynamic lighting, so not only does it create the mood and the atmosphere, but it also has an effect on gameplay, because the player has the ability to control the lighting in certain areas of the ship.”

“Audio also plays an important role reinforcing that sense of immersion. This is one area of the original game that still resonates with players. We are working on enhancing the experience and providing believable audio that focus on objects positioning and 3D sounds propagation.”

“We make sure we’re following the story, the art direction, everything, out of respect for the original game,” commented Mike. “We are taking the opportunity to also do away with some things that don’t work, and make sure the game stays relevant to modern audiences.”

EA and Motive Studios have confirmed that Dead Space is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. According to sources familiar with development of the game should launch at the end of 2022, but no official release date has been announced.

Source: EA

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