An Xbox night mode is now in public testing

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A new night mode feature is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles in a future system update. Currently in testing with Alpha Skip-Ahead testers, the night mode will allow users to reduce the brightness of screens, tone down the Xbox button brightness on consoles and controllers, and more.


First reported by The Verge, the night mode is rather customisable, giving you a lot of options to help you keep on gaming as things get darker at night.

On the TV, you’ll be able to select from various dimming levels and add an optional blue light filter, a feature that is integrated into many computers and smart devices to help reduce eye strain. Additionally, you can set the Xbox to switch to the system’s dark mode and disable HDR when night mode is activated – considering there’s some games that have bright white menu screens, that’s going to help stop you feeling like you’re staring directly into the Sun after midnight. There’s a slight irony to this when Microsoft has gone so far as to create an Auto HDR feature for older Xbox games!

Another annoyance when you’re trying to game or watch movies after dark is when unwanted points of light come from your controller and your console. The feature will let you dim both the LED brightness of the Xbox button on your controller and the power button on the Xbox as well.

Xbox Night Mode HDR Disable

Is your Flight Simulator session too bright for night-time flying? The new Xbox Night Mode will help sort that.

All of this can be automated, either to a user-created schedule or to your regional sunset and sunrise times.

It could be a while before everyone is able to use the new Xbox night mode, as the feature is only now in Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, and will gradually filter through to Microsoft’s wider testing rings and eventually to all users. This could take a few weeks or a couple of months.

Source: The Verge

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