Enacfire G10 Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

Ready, aim...
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When I heard the words ‘wireless gaming earbuds’, my ears pricked up. If the tiny Enacfire G10 could let me play games without being tethered to my controller and without the distraction of a chunky pair of headphones, we would be onto a winner, I thought. Alas, the Enacfire G10 Gaming Earbuds fall a fair way short of the mark.

The G10 come in a snazzy, Sith-looking black matte case. As is typical for true wireless earbuds, this doubles up as a charging dock for when they’re not in use. The case is a little taller than ideal, and only just fits in that little pocket in my jeans — somewhere I’ve grown accustomed to keeping cases like this in the past.


Handily, the front of the case has three LED bars that light up when you drop your buds in for charging. The more bars, the more charge your case can provide your buds before you place them back in your ears. Unfortunately, these lights have also randomly come on in the middle of the night for me, which is as blinding as it is disorientating. Pro tip: don’t leave these next to your bed.

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Tech specs

In terms of battery life, the G10 lasted a solid 4–6 hours, with a total of around 25–30 hours total between charging the case. There’s a USB-C port at the back of the case for recharging, which was a pretty speedy endeavour. No problems here.

Touted as 2-in-1 gaming and lifestyle wireless earbuds, the G10 have a lot to live up to. On the one hand you have an IPX8 waterproof rating, which is nice and handy for those that want to use them while exercising, but on the other, you have a pretty narrow focus for the gaming side of the product.

There’s no USB receiver for this to pair with, which means that you’re not using these on your PlayStation or Xbox console. Instead, these are designed to be used with your mobile, offering a ‘role switch’ feature to swap between music and gaming, claiming expertly tuned sound on each mode, with ultra-low latency on the gaming mode.

Low latency gaming audio

The low latency mode offers 40% faster audio, enhancing your gaming experience. The low latency is well received, and the quality of the sound has been consistently good, with decent bass, clear mids and great treble. I’m not sure if you’re going to gain any competitive edge from this, but they’re a good pair of buds in this regard and ensure that audio is more closely aligned to what’s happening on your screen. They’re perfect for something like PUBG Mobile where you could glean an advantage by hearing something before someone else, even if it is a fraction of a second.

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Unfortunately, that quality doesn’t carry through to playing or communicating with other people. While your audio is crisp and clean, that of whoever you’re playing with, or talking to if you’re making a phone call, is robotic at best.

I’ve tried calling people using multiple apps, from your normal cell-signal call to WhatsApp and similar video calling apps. Each time, they couldn’t get clear audio from me until I swapped to a different pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Speaking to Enacfire about this, they said that: “G10 is an earbud mainly for Gaming, which means its low latency function and game sound enhancement is more of its selling point. We will fix this mic function problem in the next model.”

Solely for gaming

The microphone issue is fine if you purely want to use your earbuds for playing games solo on your mobile or listening to music, but you should still call it what it is. Don’t brand your earbuds as a lifestyle device if you can’t use them for something as basic as talking to people1

The fit of earbuds is always going to depend on your particular ears, but I have had issues with the G10 falling out. While they’re pretty low-weight and comfortable to wear, they do pop out on occasion. I’ve had this while both walking and jogging — thankfully I caught the earbud that wanted to go on its own solo adventure while I was cycling. Waterproof ratings are great and all, but if this falls out while exercising outdoors, you may not pick it up again in one piece, or even find it again if you’re particularly unlucky.

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The G10 have a series of touch controls, letting you pause music, answer calls, and the like. Although they’re advertised as having mistouch prevention, I often found myself inadvertently pausing music just trying to keep them in my ear.

The Enacfire G10 are priced at just $40, but depending on your budget, there are plenty of alternatives out there. The Creative Outlier Air V2 offer far better battery life, excellent audio and a better fit. If you’re willing to pay for them, the EPOS GTW 270 have a USB-C dongle for playing on Switch, PC, PS4 or PS5 as well as standard Bluetooth, though unbelievably you can’t use the microphones in them for chat.

All in all, these aren’t bad earbuds if you solely want to use them for gaming or listening to stuff on your phone. However, they fall drastically short of the mark when it comes to making calls or using them while exercising. It will be interesting to see whether the next model with the working microphone performs better, but for now, these are not the gaming earbuds you are looking for.
  • Great audio
  • Solid battery life
  • Good range if you want to put on a podcast while charging your phone
  • Mic quality is shockingly bad
  • The fit isn’t great