Going Medieval update has a lovely rack

Foxy Voxel add bigger maps, quality of life fixes, and more.
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Developer Foxy Voxel have dropped their first major Going Medieval update, brining new features and content to the settlement building sim. This patch is now live across all versions of the game on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.


This is the game’s biggest expansion since it launched earlier this year on June 1st. Going Medieval quickly garnered popularity, selling 175,000 copies in its first week while also hitting an impressive concurrent player peak of 14,600.

In that time, Foxy Voxel have been working on a glut of fixes while rolling out some welcome quality of life improvements. Going Medieval Update 1 also introduces new content and features, giving settlers even more ways to customise their villages. You’ll now be able to display your armour and weapons on a lovely rack, decorating your kingdom with shelves and other furniture items.

One major quality of life feature is the ability to customise how stockpiling works. You can now assign priority to your stockpiles, influencing where settlers will drop off their gathered resource. Below we’ve listed some new key additions. Check here for the full patch notes.

Going Medieval Update 1 Patch Highlights

Map Sizes

Larger maps are in, but we opted out of adding the large map from the previous experimental branch version (the 320×320 one – however, if you feel brave enough, by now you probably know how to edit map size in the json file). We chose to set up the maps as follows:

  • 190×190 (formerly default) Small
  • 220 x220 Medium
  • 250×250 Large

Temperature balancing

Although this was reported by many as a bug, it was really a balancing issue. The issue was that underground voxels give off negative heat and cool down a room, but placing floors would isolate that cooling and make the room warmer.

This is now solved by adding a small cooling effect on floors. This does, in turn, make rooms colder in the winter months but that’s something that will not make gameplay suffer and it can be mended by heating rooms by adding some heat sources. This is just a temporary solution and will be most likely revisited in the future.

Improved room detection

In the case where one room is above the other – Stairs now create two separate rooms if there are no other gaps between those rooms. If there is only one missing floor tile between the two rooms, it will be considered as one room. Also, rooms are now generally easier to make due to them not having so many constraints. Prior to this update, the kitchen would stop being considered a kitchen if the player placed a campfire in the room. That’s not the case now. Also, text and overlay of rooms will not appear on every load notifying you that rooms are created.

Going Medieval Content Roadmap

QOL – additions to the game

  • Jump to the layer button. We’ve added a button to the selection panel that takes you to the layer that this object is on.
  • Layer changing edits – layers now have a flash effect on the numbers when changed. We have added a small tip when holding down CTRL showing to the layer what can be done with layer control.
  • Next settler button. We have added the next settler button (TAB) to quickly select the next settler. It’s located in the header of the selection panel header.
  • Piles are now hidden when looking at the layer underneath them.
  • Almanac additions – all resources now have “Produced in:” links that take you to production structures that make that resource.
  • Photo Mode Camera update – Photomode has a separate camera now that can be moved around more freely. For the modders amongst you, this can be further modified from AltCameraSettings.json.

The developer have more planned following their first big Going Medieval update. From animal husbandry to religion and a prisoner system, there is plenty of new stuff in the pipeline.

Source: Steam

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