Saints Row reboot announced and it’s coming out in February 2022

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A Saints Row reboot has been confirmed by Volition, rolling the franchise all the way back to its roots when it releases for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC on 25th February 2022.


The new entry in the series will effectively wipe the slate clean from all of the game that have come before, with the Saints Row The Third developer deciding that they really didn’t have anywhere else to take their original game series and outlandish storyline that they had cooked up. So, they’ve hit the big red reset button and chosen to try to update the game to be more relevant for the 2020s.

Saints row will take us to the completely new fictional city of Santo Ileso, a diverse and varied metropolis down in the American South West. There’s Route 66 nearby, there’s Monument Valley, and the city itself ranges from decrepit industrial regions though to a financial district and the playground of the rich and famous. Three rival gangs rule over all of this, but it’s about to become four.

Saints Row Helicopter Heist

The Boss – a fully customisable character with more options than ever before – teams up with mastermind Eli, getaway driver Neenah, and fun-loving DJ Kevin. Three of the four are drawn from the three gangs, but want to break out and do something new.

The game will bring back plenty of features and the bombastic style from previous games. As you take over the city, there will be unused lots that you can take over and turn toward a particular criminal venture, which in turn unlocks new minigames to undertake. That includes the fan favourite Insurance Fraud mode where you fling your body in front of traffic.

There’s plenty to talk about with this great big reboot, so make sure to check out our preview when it goes live a little later tonight!

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