The September Xbox update has a new Edge web browser

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Microsoft has rolled out a new update for Xbox console that brings a new iteration of their Edge web browser to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Aside from that, there’s a new Play Later section to help you line up more Xbox Game Pass games and… well, that’s about it!

Sadly there’s none of the intriguing and highly-requested features that have recently been thrown into the Insiders public testing program. Xbox Series X owners will have to wait for a 4K system UI for a while longer, and will likely want to stick with the newest iteration of the Xbox controller until the older Xbox One controllers are updated with dynamic low latency inputs.


Still, having the latest version of the Edge browser is a pretty big deal for those that do want to browse on their TV – you can share a tab from PC or mobile versions of the browser, so this is pretty handy for sharing links with a group as well.

The Edge browser was first introduced in 2014, but was built on an in-house browser engine that sometimes struggled with website compatibility. In 2018, they threw in the towel and announced that Edge would move to ‘Blink’ a customised version of Chromium engine that is featured in Google Chrome. That released for PC in early 2020 and has proliferated to other platforms, but Xbox has lagged behind.

Now with the new Blink engine, the browser will support more websites, it should be faster, more secure and generally provide a better experience. The update also adds mouse support on console.

Not the most exciting update, especially in contrast to the NVMe SSD enabling update that just released for PlayStation 5 a couple weeks ago, but another little step forward as Microsoft continue to iterate on their Xbox system software. Hopefully it’s a tad more exciting next time, though.

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