Dolby Vision gaming enabled for Xbox Series X|S

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Microsoft has enabled support for Dolby Vision when gaming on Xbox Series X|S consoles with a compatible TV. This joins the existing Dolby Atmos audio support that has been enabled through Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles for the last few years, as well as Dolby Vision support for streamed content.


Dolby Vision is an enhanced version of high dynamic range (HDR) video, that goes beyond the more generic HDR10 standard by adding an extra layer of dynamic metadata so that TVs will automatically adjust their brightness, colour and sharpness settings to match the original intent of the content creator. Not only that, but where HDR10 has a peak brightness of 1000 cd/mwithin the content, Dolby Vision is capable of representing 10,000 cd/mand a wider colour gamut. These actually can’t be shown on current consumer TV screens, but can be dynamically mapped to and accommodated for by Dolby Vision.

Basically, it’s a better version of HDR.

What’s interesting here is that, while Dolby Vision gaming is going to be at its best for the more than 100 Xbox Series X|S optimised titles that can support it – this includes Gears 5, Psychonauts 2, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and more – Microsoft has also worked with Dolby to bring support for it to older games, adapting their previous HDR10 and Auto HDR support to enhance it with Dolby Vision.

That’s an odd one, because Dolby Vision is all about retaining the original visual intent of the creator. Auto HDR, by its very nature, is taking games that were designed without HDR in mind and programmatically modifying the brightness output.

Here’s how to get Dolby Vision set up, per Microsoft’s instructions:

Check to see if your display supports Dolby Vision

To check if your display supports Dolby Vision, press the Xbox button to open the guide. Then go to Settings > General > TV & display options > 4K TV details.

 Enable Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X|S

For the best Dolby Vision experience, we recommend using automatic low-latency mode (ALLM). To enable Dolby Vision, press the Xbox button to open the guide. Then press Settings > General > TV & display options > Video Modes > Dolby Vision for Gaming

Your TV might also want a firmware update for compatibility. For more details on that, head to

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