Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event live with must-have skins

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Ubisoft has kicked off its Rainbow Six Siege Halloween event. The tactical Tom Clancy shooter offers a spooky time-limited game mode as well as some wild themed Operator skins.


Doktor’s Curse returns once again with a gory glut of prizes to be won. Live now on all platforms, the Halloween event will run until November 2nd.

Returning from Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, Monster Hunter is by far our favourite seasonal mode added to the game. It follows a familiar 5 versus 5 format but with some key differences.

Wielding nothing but their Breaching Hammer and one of three gadgets, the attackers must storm the castle and hunt down their opponents. Meaning, Monsters on the defending team will need to deploy traps to evade the Exterminators, using the ghostly Nightstride ability to briefly turn invisible and increase movement speed.

This mode is great fun, Rainbow Six Siege players no doubt setting their sights on those new Halloween event Operator skins. Ubisoft has some new additions while also bringing monsters back from previous years. Here’s the full list of skins.

rainbow six Halloween event 2021 Skins

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event Skins

  • Smoke – Hybrid Monster
  • Bandit – Charged Convict
  • Kapkan – Grim Harbinger
  • Aruni – Plant of Prey
  • Melusi – Wrathful Apparition
  • Frost – Devourer
  • Lesion – Risen
  • Ela – Skin Suit
  • Lion – Unlucky Settler
  • Jackal – Lagoon Beast
  • Doktor – Creator
  • Kaid – Deadly Elegance

Each outfit also comes with matching headgear with loads of weapon camos also up for grabs whenever you open a Halloween event pack.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in Year 6 Season 3 (Y6S3). This latest season is codenamed Crystal Guard, introducing Croatian Operator Osa. They are an attacker, wielding the bulletproof Talon-8 shield as their gadget of choice. What sets this apart from Montagne’s shield is Osa’s ability to attach it to windows and door frames, allowing a protected sightline on bomb sites and objectives.

As Ubisoft continues to roll out content for Siege, a new Rainbow Six game is right around the corner. Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op shooter in which 18 Operatives from the Siege roster go up against a deadly alien host.

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