Deep Rock Galactic update adds new weapons, mode, and battle pass

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Deep Rock Galactic will be getting another major update, adding even more features and content to the brilliant co-op shooter.


The new Deep Rock Galactic update is being called Season 1: Rival Incursion and will launch on Steam on November 4th. The highlights here are four new weapons, a new mission type, and the introduction of the Deep Rock Performance Pass.

This is the game’s own take on the popular battle pass system. It acts as another way to track your in-game progress and unlock rewards as you play. The Deep Rock Performance Pass is 100% free according to the developers, made up of 100 tiers that include cosmetic items, resources, currency, and other bonus swag.

In order to earn performance points, you need to complete missions as well as daily challenges. Miners can also level their pass faster by finding Data Cells when out on missions, gunning down any Rival Prospect Drones that might appear.

That brings us to the next major part of the Season 1 update. You and your dwarven comrades are no longer the only ones scouring Hoxxes for valuable minerals. A rival company has deployed their legion of robots to strip the planet of its riches, as seen in the new mission type called Industrial Sabotage.

deep rock galactic industrial sabotage

In a nutshell, these missions task you with tracking down the enemy faction’s data vaults. Victory is won by successfully hacking the connected power stations before battling the formidable Caretaker boss and then extracting with the rival’s data rack.

Finally, let’s talk weapons. Deep Rock Galactic is expanding its arsenal with four new guns – one for each class. Here’s a preview of what they can do:


Take a standard, high-grade assault rifle, bolt a semi-sentient AI Core to the side of it, and rig it up with several sophisticated tracking packages. Arm the resulting abomination with prototype rounds that interface directly with the onboard systems, and you have the aptly named LOK-1 Smart Rifle – a glorious bit of kit any Engineer worth their salt would be happy carrying.


The Corrosive Sludge Pump is what happens when the maintenance staff are left with too much time on their hands. A complicated network of piping, distillation bottles, and safety valves results in a very capable device indeed – lobbing globs of corrosive waste at those you disapprove of has never been so fun!


The DRAK-25 is among the newest additions to the DRG arsenal and is a bit of a technological marvel. Capable of laying down a blistering hail of superheated plasma without hardly ever blowing up in your hands, and comparatively cheap to manufacture! Management were quick to approve and sign off on this design.


The Hurricane has quickly gotten a reputation for being a very crowd-pleasing weapon – unless we’re talking about the crowd it is being aimed at. It stows a weapons package usually reserved for heavy-duty tripods into something a hearty dwarf can carry with ease and has even been upgraded with sophisticated tracking software.

There’s a shed-load of other features and fixes included in the new update. Ghost Ship Games also discusses its new cosmetic tree and how seasonal rewards will still be accessible even after a season ends.

Only confirmed for the PC version of Deep Rock Galactic, there’s no news on whether this content will appear on Xbox One.

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