A Quiet Place video game announced for 2022

A Quiet Place game
A Quiet Place game

A video game based on the A Quiet Place movies has been announced by Saber Interactive, publishers of another game based on a movie, World War Z. The title is in development at Montreal-based studio iLLOGIKA who have staff who have previously worked on the Far Cry and Rainbow Six franchises.

The game, a “story-driven horror adventure”, will launch in 2022 but apart from that no other details have been announced. That includes platforms but one would assume the usual assortment of consoles and PC.


If you are aware of the movies then then you might assume that we could be getting a stealth game. In the films a family tries to survive after an alien invasion, the twist being that the creatures are very sensitive to sound and the smallest noise causes them to attack.

The alien creatures, which are officially named “Death Angels”, come from a lightness planet in a faraway galaxy, a “hell world” with much harsher conditions and higher gravity than Earth. They evolved with strong musculature and armour which most human weapons cannot breach. Sometime in the past their home world exploded and the creatures were catapulted across space in meteorites, one of more of which landed on Earth.

It’s never been quite clear how wide the alien invasion was in the films, there are indications that the entire globe has succumbed to the creatures but we only ever see one meteorite falling to the ground and that happens in the second film. As the creatures cannot swim there would have to be a consistent deluge of meteors for twenty four hours (one revolution of the planet) to ensure every piece of land had a meteor on it.

The films use American Sign Language to allow the characters to communicate wordlessly, it will be interesting to see if that can be translated to the game.

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