Apple Music launches on PlayStation 5, here’s how to get it set up

Apple Music Ps5
Apple Music Ps5

Sony have announced that Apple Music has launched on PS5 today, 27th October 2021, but only PlayStation 5, PS4 users are not getting the service. The service offers “seamless integration with the Apple Music streaming service with background music and music video playback, so players can listen before, during, or after their game play session.”

To get Apple Music up and running on your big white PS5 console you will need to follow these steps.


How to download the Apple Music app on PS5™ consoles

  1. Select All Apps from your media home.
  2. Select Apple Music Download.
  3. Launch the Apple Music App.
  4. Select Sign up or Log in and enter your details.
  5. Follow the prompts to link your accounts.

If you want to want to listen to some top pop hits via Apple Music while you are playing a game and annoy the composers who sweated their hearts out in a studio creating music for the game you are playing, you will need to follow these instructions.

How to stream music and podcasts during PS5 console gameplay

  1. Press the PS button to open the control centre and then select Music.
    Your recently played music and podcasts appear.
  2. Choose the music or podcast that you want to play.
    Your selection starts playing.
  • The song or podcast that’s playing appears as a card in the control centre. Select the card to pause and access other playback controls. Press the PS button to return to the game that you were playing.
  • Select the Now Playing card from the control centre and press the square button on your controller to pause and start track playback.
  • While in a game or an app, you can press the PS button twice to return to your most recent card without going through the control centre.

Apple Music is the second music service on PlayStation 5, the console came with Spotify support at launch.

Source: PS Blog

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