WRC 10 November Update adds 2021 Acropolis Rally & new historical rally events

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A big content update is out now for WRC 10, adding the 2021 Acropolis Rally and five new historical events to take on, including Richard Burns’ victory on the 2000 Safari Rally Kenya in his Subaru Impreza WRC.


The Acropolis Rally already featured in WRC 10, but it was initially designed and included with the intention of being a part of the game’s celebration of WRC’s 50th anniversary. However, with changes to 2021’s championship seeing the Greek rally return for the first time in seven years, Kylotonn has brought the Acropolis Rally up to the modern era. The update brings 3 special stages in a 2021 style to the experience and adds it to the game’s Career mode.

If you’re more about the old stuff that WRC 10 is bringing to the table, then you’ll be overjoyed by having five new anniversary events to the game, following on from the three that were added in October.

Stepping back to landmark races and iconic partnerships between man and machine, the five new events are:

  • Rally Argentina in 1994 with Didier Auriol and Bernard Occelli in their Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD
  • Rally Argentina in 2004 with Carlos Sainz and Marc Martí in their Citroen Xsara WRC
  • Rally Germany in 2002 with Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena in their Citroën Xsara WRC
  • Safari Rally in Kenya in 2000 with Richard Burns and Robert Reid in their Subaru Impreza S5 WRC ’99
  • Rally Mexico in 2016 with Jari-Matti Latvala and Miikka Anttila in their Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Finally, the Club mode that allows players to create their own online events and championships now allows for a realistic mode to be selected by the organiser. This makes damage carry over from one stage to the next, the use of service parks for repairs, the requirement to use service parks to switch tyres, and imposes a rule where can only attempt a stage a single time. Just like in real life, but without the personal risks to your health and safety…

Want to read some patch notes while it downloads? Here they are:

WRC 10 November Update patch notes:


  • New 2021 Rally
    • EKO Acropolis Rally Greece (9 stages)
  • New Historical Events
    • Argentina 1994: Didier Auriol / Bernard Occelli – Toyota Celica Turbo 4W
    • Argentina 2004: Carlos Sainz / Marc Martí – Citroën Xsara WR
    • Deutschland 2002: Sébastien Loeb / Daniel Elena – Citroën Xsara WR
    • Kenya 2000: Richard Burns / Robert Reid – Subaru Impreza WR
    • Mexico 2016: Jari-Matti Latvala / Miikka Anttila – Volkswagen Polo


  • 1 new Historical car has been added to the game:
    • Subaru Impreza WRC – 2000 (Richard Burns & Robert Reid)
  • Fixed Dirts on vehicles
  • Improved car engine sounds for the Porsche 911 & Ford Fiesta Rally 2


  • New Mode: Realistic Mode
    • In this mode, vehicle damage is carried over between stages
    • You can add service parks to the stage to repair your car
    • Certain service parks are automatically added when you change surface, while others can be added manually as desired.
    • If your car becomes unfit to continue during the special stage, you will be disqualified from the current event
    • You have only one attempt for each special stage
  • All Modes
    • You can enable a power stage, points will be added directly to the overall leaderboard and this stage will be the last of the event
    • You can impose a Camera View (Dynamic chase, Fixed chase, Bumper, Bonnet, Cockpit or Dash)
    • You can impose an Assistance (ABS+TCS, ABS or TCS) while creating an event

Livery Editor

  • 250 new stickers have been added to the library
  • Fixed issues related to saving liveries

Career Mode

  • Fixed a crash when scrolling through the recruitable crew members
  • Fixed a crash when starting a Rally or Manufacturer event sometimes
  • Fixed a crash after being demoted to Junior and completed a Manufacturer challenge to sign a new WRC3 contract


  • Fixed a crash in several events (incl. Anniversary Events, Rally and Manufacturer Tryouts) in WRC3 & WRC Junior

PC Only


  • Added Spatialized sound option


  • Added option to disable Logitech and Thrustmaster API
  • Fixed various FFB related crash with steering wheels

Xbox Consoles Only

  • Fixed issue related to joining a Lobby

We had great things to say about WRC 10 when it released back in September. In our 8/10 review, Dom said:

“WRC 10 is a great rally package that hones many of the WRC 9’s strengths to a finer edge. There’s a couple of visual glitches that need working on, but all in all, rally fans will love what KT Racing have put together this year.”

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