PopSlinger is a musical shooter coming to Switch in January

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PopSlinger has been announced by Funky Can Creative for the Nintendo Switch, and it is due to be released on January 26th. PopSlinger has been described as a musical shooter whose inspirations include 90s Japanese animation and more modern music videos. In the game, players take on the role of Ria Carbon who becomes the hero PopSlinger who has to defend Earth from an invading alien army known as the Corazones.

“It is a dream come true to share our charming colorful world with Nintendo’s community,” said Jose Luis Abreu, Funky Can Creative founder. PopSlinger is heavily inspired by the anime I grew up watching as well as artists and musicians who are also still part of my life today. We hope everyone will enjoy the mix of nostalgic and current references we put together to bring Ria’s world to life and have as much fun with it as we do!”
In PopSlinger players will have the chance to climb leaderboards by racking up combos to take on the invading army. Ria will have different abilities to help in the fight against the Corazones, including one called Dream Time that can make her invincible for a spell and boost points collected. Other abilities include rearguard which calls in support from former PopSlinger Gin while another will allow Ria to heal during fights.
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